Afghan Girls' Schools 

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Fundraising event: An Evening in the Garden - July 22, 2017 in Pasadena, CA. Tickets and information available here.

Afghan Refugee Girls' Primary Schools

A Community Self-Help Project

in Akora Khattak, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan

"The project is small, but the cause is great."

- A Pakistani Friend 

Our Mission:

We provide primary education (K-6) for over 600 Afghan girls attending 2 primary schools located in a refugee camp in Northwest Pakistan. 

100% of contributions go directly to supporting our schools.

We rely completely on financial contributions from individuals and a few organizations. Our entire governing committee volunteers their time and materials to the project, making it possible for 100% of your contributions to go directly to supporting the education of our Afghan girls.


To ensure that the girls receive the best possible education, a volunteer California Committee makes decisions about the school budget, programs and facilities in close coordination with the school's Head Teacher. The Committee also relies on the advice and support of 3 distinguished educators in Peshawar, who visit the schools, assist with teacher training, meet with the Head Teacher and Camp Elders, and send reports and recommendations.


We teach a normal elementary school curriculum that fulfills the standards of Pakistan and Afghanistan – complete with final examinations. The girls learn to read and write in Pashto and Dari (Afghan languages), and in Urdu (Pakistan). The older girls also learn some English. All study math, social studies, science, drawing, health, and Islamiat. We also teach sewing and embroidery skills so the girls can earn a living after graduation.


A little goes a long way. Our total annual budget is currently $57,000.

  • $100 educates one girl for a year. 
  • $130 pays a teacher's salary for one month.
  • $5 buys a school uniform.
  • $20 pays for a truckload of mud for building repairs.
  • $60 buys a sewing machine for a girl graduating grade 6.
  • $10 provides a girl with school supplies.

Our Story

In January 2002 two Quakers, Edith Cole and Joe Franko, traveled to Pakistan, hoping to find a way to help some of the more than 2 million Afghan refugees displaced by the years of war and invasion and the subsequent American bombing. The two were mindful of the advice of William Penn, “Let us then try what love will do.” Because the need for schooling for girls is so great, the project has grown to include two schools and 600+ girls.